LED lights are a viable retrofit option for facilities managers

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Of the many sustainable lighting solutions available for retrofitting any structure, LED lighting systems are tailored to the needs of facilities managers.

An article from Today's Facility Manager supports LED technology as an inexpensive choice that offers quality lighting for a retrofit project. Prices on LED commercial lighting fixtures and bulbs are constantly decreasing as new innovations arise. Coupled with their energy saving potential of 50 to 80 percent, the systems recover installation costs in a short time.

Other facilities management industries are introducing new products, such as digital HVAC controls, that simplify a facilities manager's duties. The low cost of LEDs make things more affordable if a retrofit project calls for a complete overhaul to upgrade every system to the newest technology.

Many commercial lighting retrofits are supplementing their LED systems with digital lighting controls to further reduce energy consumption, effort and electricity expenditure. Dimming controls are often paired with occupancy sensors so that the system autonomously manages energy usage based upon the fixtures' usage. A facilities manager can tend to other concerns while the lighting controls keep the LEDs operating efficiently. Some systems even send alerts and updates to a secure server so that the system can be monitored remotely from an office.

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